"AV has been a huge help and we are in our forever home and quickly sold our other home."


"AV did an excellent job of representing his buyers in a deal where I was on the seller's side. AV went above and beyond with any requests we had.  It was a pleasure to work with an agent who was working towards a smooth transaction, like we were."

~ Kathy

"He is very knowledgeable about the home buying process and was extremely patient and helpful throughout. I am very grateful to have found someone with his experience and temperament."

~ Satisfied Customer (Bought a Single Family home)

"He was very helpful in our forever home purchase. He was very prompt with return calls, emails, and texts. This was our fist purchase and he was there to make the process less stressful. If there were questions that he didn’t know the answer to he would point us in the right direction. We would definitely use him again. We still keep in touch and he continues to be there even after our purchase was completed."

~ Melissa 

"Mr A V Bowman was very professional and kept me up to date on every aspect. The house sold very fast and for the price I wanted. I highly recommend A V Bowman."

~ Billy

"AV was great to work with. He provided us with plenty of information through the entire process. We felt informed and had enough information to make a decision without being pushed for a sale in any way. He was always very responsive to phone calls and text messages. Anything we needed to know, he found the answer for us almost immediately. I would work with him again."


"AV is very knowledgeable about the area and was in constant communication from the time we started looking to the time we closed. He was able to answer every question we had as first time homebuyers in a way that we could understand. Highly recommend!"

~ Stephen

"A.V. was so helpful in finding me the perfect home. Anytime I had questions he was always available to answer them. He was also so great about setting up showings and providing information about the houses we were looking at. He was very knowledgeable of my budget, the type of home I was looking for, and the areas/neighborhoods I was most interested in. I cannot thank him enough, highly recommend!"

~ Megan R.

"A.V was wonderful helping me negotiate, and understand, the entire process of buying my first house. Help me look for things I would of missed, was fast to return any of my calls that he didn't answer, when I called him.I am so happy I had the pleasure of working with Mr Bowman. And we still reach out from time to time, with a quick hello, how are things going? If I ever want to sell my home or purchase another I will certainly, call A.V.!"

~ Satisfied Client (Bought a Single Family home) 

"A V was always there when I needed him during my home search. He was willing to give me advice and go that extra mile to make my search the most meaningful experience ever. You can’t go wrong with A.V."

~ Bailey

"A.V. was/is simply AMAZING.  A.V. helped to sell my elderly mom’s home.  My mom lived in Norfolk, VA, and I live in Arlington, VA.  My mom was hospitalized and after speaking with the doctors they recommended more supervision.  After that news, I knew that my mom would need to be closer to me.  I would need to plan to sell my mom’s home.  I called A.V. the same day the doctors gave me their recommendations and I met with him the next day.  Why A.V.?  He is good people.  He is a caring and sincere person/professional.  Something as simple as mailing my mom’s medications to us made all the difference.  The medications arrived at her home in Norfolk a few days after she transitioned to Arlington.   We had a hell of a time getting medications re-dispended because of insurance rules.  A.V. mailed all those medications to us.  There are so many challenges in selling a home when you live out of the area.  Over a six-month period, A.V. helped to get my mom’s house cleared, renovated, and sold.    Caring for an elderly parent after hospitalization and selling their home can be a bit overwhelming. But, A.V. helped me navigate all the challenges that went into selling my mom’s home of over 40 years for top dollar.  While other houses in my mom’s area were on the market for months (some close to a year), we were able to go on the market and close within 30 days.  Before that I faced the challenge of emptying and renovating my mom’s home. A.V. helped me with that as well.  He put me in contact with a few people.  All the individuals/companies that were referred by A.V. were just as caring.  They all provided good options.  Everything made the sale of my mom’s home way easier.   If you are looking for a solid agent to help buy or sell, I would recommend A.V. Bowman all day."

Satisfied Client (Sold a Single Family home)

"Wonderful to work with. Would very much recommend."

Derek H.

"A.V. did an outsatnding job with helping me to get my forever home!

~ Ronald B

"A.V went above my expectations helping me find my home!" 

~ Ronald B

"2 years ago I struck up a conversation with A.V. about potentially selling our current home at the time and buying a new one. Back then the outlook was a little bleak. A.V. stuck with us, helped us find alternatives and formulate a plan forward.

Once we were finally ready to start looking, A.V. made sure that we weren't wasting our time by looking at homes that didn't meet our criteria. He kept us focused on the big picture and took interest in our family as if it were his own.

His communication is outstanding, his professionalism is first rate and his dedication to his clients is why I have recommended him to friends and family I know looking to buy a home.

We went from thinking we were stuck in our old home, to making an offer and closing within 20 days on a new one. That would not have been possible without A.V. and his team."

~ Travis Davis

"AV was understanding of our price range and the needs of our family. He didn't show us houses that were out of our range and took time to show us all the houses we asked to see. It was a pleasure working with him."

~ Desiree and Eric

"AV Bowman is an outstanding realtor who made my home buying experience truly effortless. I will continue to use his services in the future, as well as to continue to refer him to friends and family."

~ Angela

"A.V. has excellent customer service and I believe that he genuinely values the relationship with all his clients."

~ Shaquita Crockett

"I would highly recommend AV to be a realtor for anyone who wants to sell and/or buy a residence. I hired AV to be my realtor and he has a vast array of online marketing tools that he used to capture a diverse market.

For my condo, he made sure that multiple websites posted my condo's status with beautiful pictures taken by his carefully selected photographer very shortly after a commitment was made to sell the condo and use his services. Moreover, AV is also excellent at bringing lots of people to my condo. As another case in point, AV has a superb response time for answering phone calls and emails and you can expect to always get immediate feedback in every step of the process. He has answered emails and phone calls at all hours of the day and night which has helped us to be informed and make the best decisions to aid us in the selling process.

In addition, AV has a very genuine, friendly, and warm personality and engenders trust with anyone he comes into contact with. He doesn't mind making personal sacrifices with his clients if it means that he will lead to closing the deal.

So in summary, AV has particular strengths (tenacious work ethic, charismatic personality, and knowledge/wisdom of the business) that are superior and I am so fortunate to have had a wonderful experience with selling my condo at the best price in the current market. Thank you AV for everything you did on my behalf and we will definitely be using you in the future for myself and my family members."

~ E.F

"A.V. Bowman, you rock! Given recent sales in our neighborhood, we were concerned that our house might sit on the market for months. This was not the case. It sold within 24 hours of the sign being placed in the yard. You guided us through every step of the process to a successful closing. We were impressed with your knowledge of current real estate trends in the area and how you thoroughly researched recent activity to determine a sales price. We felt comfortable moving out of town and leaving the house in your capable hands. You were there for the inspection, appraisal, and a case of lost keys. You kept us informed and calmed our jitters. You were the catalyst that made this happen. Truly, you were a God-send. I will make it a priority to recommend you to anyone needing a real estate agent."

~ Pat Sheets

"Mr. Bowman was incredibly attentive and helpful at all times. He explained every step od the sales process and my sale went quite smoothly. Mr. Bowman is quite knowledgeable in his field, market analysis and he was able to advise me well when I needed help. I never felt alone to deal with my sale and I was very clear each step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to purchase or sell their home. He is a natural realtor and very devoted to his clients!!

Mr. Bowman was in constant communication with me and kept me updated as to the progress of every person that even looked at my house and their feedback. This was something I so appreciated. I never had to ask or call to see how a showing went, he always called to let me know.

I would give the highest recommendation to Mr. Bowman and would recommend him to any of my friends and family. He has the highest degree of integrity and wonderful communication skills! Mr. Bowman is also incredibly patient and knows what his clients need because he listens so well."

~ Truett

"We just cant say enough great things about AV! We couldn't have selected a better realtor to sell our home. We signed on with him on a Monday, had a contract by Friday, closed in a month. That takes some real talent!

We are so blessed that we have made a great friend and he will be highly recommended to any of our friends!

Thank tou AV!!!!"

~ Vikki and Ranger Dough

AV Bowman was very helpful with our home purchase. He put out several fires, one might have ended the deal. He handled negotiations very well; he did not hesitate to spend extra time to handle details promptly.

I will recommend AV to friends and associates.

~ Larry Saint

"AV Bowman is the most professional and caring real estate agent I've ever worked with. I was pleased with all aspects of the sale process because AV knew what he was doing. He is also a pleasur to work with and has a great attitude and positive demeanor. He will for for you and with you and he made me feel very comfortable throughout the sale process.

We were living out of town so we hoped AV could assist with any aspect of the sale where we could not physically be present. He checked our property numerous times to assist us with this. AV graciously helped with finding contractors to renovate our property at a decent cost to us and also was present when utilities were turned on. He kept us up to date with viewings and also gave us valuable feedback that we used to make the property more appealing to buyers.

AV is a very honest person and will ensure an ethical sale takes place. He gave us some notice about moisture issues below the back deck and recommended a termite inspection to protect the property from further damage and also impress the buyers.

I look forward to working with AV again in the near future and I highly recommend him to family and friends."

~ Vignette Kaltsas